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Ezra and I are in Vail… Having so much fun! Just spent the last 2 hours making a HUGE pot of Kitchari… It looks and smells SO good… We plan to “live off of it” ...Lunch and Dinner. I am full of GRATITUDE towards you and Chef Prakash for teaching me how to make this wholesome and wonderful dish. Blessings & Thanks.
Christy and Ezra Hubbard
As an educator and a mother, I can speak to the benefits of Brain Integration Technique (BIT) as I see BIT changing the way my son is as a student and as a person. My son was liked by some of his peers and yet he struggled in school, both socially and academically. He felt as if he didn’t fit in and was on edge most of the time. In other words, his experience at school was stressful. In math class, he would understand what his teacher taught them, but when doing homework at night he wouldn’t remember how to work the problems. He had difficulty with the recall of information, so spelling tests, multiplication and even simple addition were challenging for him. He would often goof off in class or get into disagreements during recess. Then, we found out about BIT from a close friend whose daughter had tremendous success with BIT, and we began to bring our son to the weekly sessions. After the first session, we saw a change in him. He was calmer and felt more at ease. He began to remember what they were working on in class and could do his homework more easily. He began to do really well in math and on spelling tests. He also started to communicate better with the other students and gained more friends. My son is now more comfortable and happy with himself and this change is affecting his way of being as a person! His teacher approached me to say that he has noticed a change in my son’s behavior in class and that my son is not only doing much better as a student but is also happier and more emotionally stable. I see that the way his brain processed information before BIT was stressful to him and that he struggled to recall information and to communicate well with others. Now that his brain is communicating and processing information more effectively and efficiently, he is calmer, happier, performing at the top of his class academically and is expressing himself in a more respectful manner. These changes are priceless! Thanks BIT! Thank you, Emily!
Tama Lombardo
After treatment with Emily, it was like a light went on in our son. His memory, letter recognition, and reading improved and he became more aware of his surroundings. He is a much better listener now--I was used to repeating myself many times, and now he hears me the first time! Brain Integration Technique has changed his life. It's truly amazing and I am so very grateful to have met Emily and have experienced this. I am now confident that my son can and will succeed in school with confidence!! Thank you so much for your knowledge!
Jess Mitchell
I am looking at the living definition of a miracle: my adult son. After decades of self-destructive behavior, labels of dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, [Now] I see a confident, loving, intelligent, even charming, mentally healthy human being. All of this after only a few sessions with the miracle worker. Emily Glaser, the exquisitely sensitive practitioner of Brain Integration Technique (BIT), is truly the midwife of the personality’s re-birth and evolution. Without reservation I wholeheartedly recommend BIT as the antidote to a myriad of learning and behavioral disorders. The effects are dramatic, immediate, and lasting. As the saying goes, “It’s all in the mind.” Not quite. As Emily Glaser would have it, “It’s all in the brain.”
Profound Thanks and Blessings, J.Elle Baker
My daughter Mireya was breaking out in hives for no apparent reason. When she was out in the sun or around trees or grass, she would break out. An allergy doctor did some tests and said that she was allergic to cats, dogs, plants, trees and many other things. He also said that she had asthma, though she had never had any problems with breathing. The doctor prescribed her four or five different medications that were to be taken daily. She was also supposed to have an allergy shot weekly. Since I did not want her on medications for the rest of her life, we decided to take her to Emily Glaser. Mireya had Brain Integration Technique done in March 2012, and since then we have not given her any medication. We are very amazed at how well she is doing and could not be happier with the results.
Sincerely, Lizbeth Gonzalez
My wife and I took our daughter, Malia, to see Emily Glaser in December 2012 on the recommendation of our pediatrician Dr. Pakhi Chaudhuri of Pediatric Associates of Durango, CO. Malia was not doing well in school. She struggled with reading, math, and comprehension--she could not do the simplest math problems or comprehend what she had read a few minutes earlier. She was also very nervous and distant with her peers. At home Malia had trouble with her homework and would become very upset. Her third grade teacher wanted Malia to enroll in the special education program, and said Malia was very distracted and could not give her full attention in class. After Malia saw Emily and went through Brain Integration Technique, Malia showed signs that the treatment worked. Her behavior improved and she didn't get upset as easily--she was calmer and less worried--and at school her teacher saw great improvements in her schoolwork and grades. She became more vocal in class and showed better social skills; her math and reading grades jumped from a low C to a high B; and she found a love for reading now that she understands the material. My wife and I truly believe Brain Integration Technique helped open the doors to our daughters' full potential. Thanks Emily!
Rawley Holiday