So What Deranges Vāta?

I’m so glad you asked! Vāta is considered to be very important and was descried by the ancient teachers as the universal creator of all things, the soul of all beings, the sustainer of life and the lord of death. Therefore it is highly recommended to make all effort NOT to disturb vāta dosha!

Common causes of vāta derangement:

Leftovers & exposure to wind (dry), eating too fast, talking too much & hiking (light), cold weather & cold food (cold), raw & crunchy food (rough), caffeine, loneliness & grief (subtle), travel & excessive exercise, multitasking (mobile), high altitude & staying up late- past 10pm, cyberspace (clear).

Signs & symptoms can include the following:

Cracking joints, dry skin, constipation, weight loss, insomnia, poor circulation, pain, stiffness, tremors, ADD, fatigue, forgetfulness, dehydration, black circles under the eyes, ringing in the ears, insecurity, spaciness, worry, anxiety & fear.

We live in a world today that supports a culture of communication, travel & multitasking. As a result many of us experience sub-clinical levels of  increased vāta dosha.

Therefore, it is wise to take extra steps to keep vāta dosha from getting aggravated. 

The best antidotes are warm cooked foods with ghee, slow walks on the earth, and routine!