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The Bridge Between Body, Mind & Consciousness

Vāta dosha:

Vāta is the energy of Ether (Space) and Air.

The Sanskrit term vāta वात is related to the verb vah, meaning vehicle, to carry or move.

Vāta is present in movement, circulation & rhythm of the world around us and in our body and mind.

The movement of Vāta brings forth an intense love for change and desire to modify one’s surroundings & routine. Done in attempt to prevent boredom and often expressed in a variety of ways, ranging from a change in clothing style to a change in career.


Light: thin body frame, light sleeper, spaciness, ungrounded, instability

Cold: muscle stiffness, cold hands & feet, poor circulation, fear, insensitivity

Dry: wiry/frizzy/kinky hair, dry skin, constipation, loneliness, dry humor

Rough: crooked teeth, brittle nails, cracking joints, ‘rough around the edges’

Mobile: movement of thoughts, flexible bodies, irregular features, curiosity, creativity, restlessness, loves change & dislikes routine

Subtle: delicate health, emotionally sensitive

Clear: ability to understand quickly (and forget easily), inspired, “idea person” but bad on follow through, clarity of speech and mind

These inherent qualities of Vāta are responsible for functions including speech, nerve impulses, flexibility, respiration, coughing, the heart beat, peristalsis, elimination, menstruation, labor, orgasm, clarity, and joy, to name just a few.

Stay tuned to learn what happens when Vāta dosha gets out of balance.