The Transformation of Fire

Pitta Dosha:

In the last few posts, we’ve been learning about Vāta Dohsa, the energy of Ether (Space) and Air. Today, we dive into the fire of Pitta Dosha.

In Sanskrit the term Pitta पित्त comes from the word tapa, meaning heat or concentration.

Pitta is predominantly the energy of fire, although there is also a little bit of water energy there as well. Just like a flame, Pitta is the energy of transformation. We can see Pitta at work in the daily transformative power of our own metabolism and digestion. I’m sure you have heard the saying, ‘You Are What You Eat.’ Ultimately it is the responsibility of Pitta to transform our food into pure consciousness. Pitta also gives us the drive and desire for personal growth.


Oily: acne, oily skin

Sharp: ravenous appetite, sharp & intelligent mind, penetrating words

Hot: heat throughout the body

Light: medium body frame, bright appearance

Smelly: body odor with a fleshy smell

Spreading: well know in their area of expertise

Liquid: powerful digestive juices

When the weather is hot and humid, Pitta is dominant in the environment.

In the human body, Pitta is responsible for metabolism and maintaining healthy temperature. Its functions include digestion, absorption, assimilation, cellular metabolism, thinking, vision, and maintaining healthy skin.

Pitta types tend to be interested in matters of the mind, sometimes at the expense of their own body’s health. They can be competitive or even aggressive as they express their opinions, invested in persuading their listeners. Their drive and motivation is strong when they are working towards a goal.

Stay tuned to learn what happens when Pitta dosha gets out of balance.