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Pitta Provoked

In human beings, Pitta’s primary responsibility is to coordinate digestion and healthy body temperature.

However, when Pitta dosha gets elevated above an individual’s unique “norm,” then signs of heat emerge: diarrhea, fever, inflammation, irritation, hot flashes, and rashes are common Pitta symptoms.

In the mental-emotional realm, aggravated Pitta can create anger, irritation, annoyance, rage, and a shorter fuse than usual.

What causes Pitta dosha to get elevated?

According to the law of “like increases like,” exposure to Pitta’s qualities will cause Pitta to go up. Watch out for hot weather, spicy meals and competition!

During the particularly hot seasons of summer, Pitta is high, as it is in our adult years when we are responsible for making our mark on the world. With our cultures emphasis on success and accomplishment, Pitta elevation can easily occur.

The best antidotes contain the opposite qualities to Pitta. Now is a good time to sip cooling coconut water, get to bed before 10pm and enjoy long, peaceful walks during the early dawn or just before sunset.