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Women's Health & Ayurveda

Valentine’s day weekend I had the good karma to attend an Ayurveda and Shadow Yoga workshop in the vibrant city of San Francisco. The focus of the weekend was women’s health. The workshop was lead by Dr. Claudia Welch, a teacher and mentor whose guidance & wisdom has enlightened my life. Claudia offered a groundbreaking approach to achieving hormonal balance and healing for women. We talked, we laughed, we cried. I have returned home feeling gratitude for this path and inspired to share some of the tools you can start using today to embrace your body’s natural balance.

Do you want to know how to balance hormones without taking drugs such as hormone replacement therapy?

Do you experience irritability, migraines, bloating, hot flashes, fear, insomnia and mood swings?

Do you want to learn how to cooperate with life more gracefully and move through the day with ease?

Do you want to know how to better manage stress?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary Hormone Breakthrough Session to discuss your health history and how an Ayurveda Health Coach can help you.

Love, Emily

yoga conference

Ivy, Lynn, Claudia & Emily @ Ayurveda & Yoga conference Rishikesh, India