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Panchakarma Therapy / Treatment Cost and Packages

Panchakarma (PK) therapy is a detoxifying and cleansing program based on ancient purification and rejuvenation techniques from India. This treatment must be performed by a knowledgeable and well-trained therapist. PK is designed to ripen the bodily tissues and expunge them of impurities/toxins so the body can heal itself and function at optimal levels. It is a scientific approach that involves a specific series of Ayurvedic treatments designed to meet your individual needs. This deeply cleansing process will give you a fresh start as you leave behind toxins and fatigue, as well as physical, emotional, and mental stress. We offer our panchakarma retreats as a 1-day Sampler, a 3-day Rejuvenation, and a 5 or 7-day Deep Cleanse and Restoration.

Panchakarma is a four step program.

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Step one is the process of oleation, which begins the detoxification process by lubricating and ripening the tissues in order to loosen impurities (ama). This step is done at home by self-massage and taking recommended herbs and oils internally.
Step two is performed by our trained therapists throughout your visit, with specific steam and oil therapies. We use a simple diet (prepared by our staff), therapeutic heat, individually blended oils, ancient massage techniques and gentle yoga practices to encouraging loosened impurities to flow to the GI tract for removal.
Step three is the process of eliminating the toxins. This is done with the use of gentle herbal tea or oil enemas known as basti, or virechana, which is the gentle purgation of toxins through the GI tract through the use of herbs taken internally.
Step four is rejuvenation, known as rasayana, which helps the body restore its strength after impurities have been removed. This is done at home with our instruction.

All of the panchakarma therapy packages include daily treatments of abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage), nasya, swedana and shirodhara, lasting approximately 2.5 hours. Please leave time for a warm shower, relaxation and tea.


Guided Home Cleanse - $216

Both for periodic prevention and to deal with a specific health problem, a Ayurveda home cleanse is highly recommended for detoxification. Your home cleanse will start with a  90-minute phone consultation, we will give you all you need and more to properly and safely do a home cleanse that is tailored just for you. General guidelines include instructions on self-massage, how to make kitchari (your diet for the cleanse) and which herbs or oils to use to enhance the process. Gentle yoga postures and meditation will also be recommended. Your follow up 30-minute consult will be scheduled during your cleanse to check in on your progress and support you emotionally and physically. This nourishing and gentle process will give you education and techniques that will stay with you for a lifetime. Releasing toxins from your body will help inspire you to make the right choices and find clarity. Ayurveda detoxing increases your immunity, balances digestive issues and gives you a fresh start.

Home Cleanse Follow Up - $85

For those who have done a home cleanse before, but would like guidance again in order to take it a step deeper.

One Day PK Experience - $315

An Ayurvedic Consultation, Abhyanga (warm oil massage), nasya, swedana and shirodhara. Also includes two freshly prepared Ayurvedic meals.

The four step program is applied to the following packages. Three or more days includes an Ayurvedic consultation over the phone with preparatory instructions, a half hour each day of Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation,  food (freshly prepared Ayurvedic meals). A follow-up phone consultation is provided to monitor your progress once you have returned home.

Three-Day Rejuvenation - $1,080

Five-Day Deep Cleanse - $1,800

Seven-Day Cleanse and Restoration - $2,520

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Cancellation Policy: Your Panchakarma retreat deposit ($450 for a 5 day PK and $650 for a 7 day) is non-refundable, but can be applied to any future treatments. Upon arrival, your credit card will be charged for the full program and is non-refundable. We ask for a 30 day notice for cancellation. If you need to reschedule or cancel your treatments within 30 days of your scheduled treatments, we require full payment which can be applied to future treatments.

Please Note: These services are not intended to diagnose, manage or treat medical conditions and are not a replacement for the care of a physician.