Cooking Class 2 | Thursday, August 17, 2017 | In the Kitchen with Vata - Agni Ayurveda

Cooking Class 2 | Thursday, August 17, 2017 | In the Kitchen with Vata (ether and air)

Agni Ayurveda

In the kitchen with Vata (ether and air).  Vata Dosha governs all movement in the body.  In balance, vata gives us inspiration and creative ideas, and permits our blood to circulate, our food to move in and out of the digestive track, and keeps us light and on our toes.  Out of balance, vata is prone to anxiety and fear, constipation and gas, and can be scattered and ungrounded.  Join us in the kitchen to make food that nourishes and grounds vata and explore other ways to recognize and promote healthy vata in balance.



* Inspired to offer our community a deeper kind of wellness, we are introducing a series of classes on the fundamentals of Ayurveda. Based in the kitchen, this series was created with the intention to offer an integrative knowledge of Ayurvedic cooking and build the basic vocabulary of Ayurveda. Students who participate in the series will walk away with a knowledge of how to prepare individual recipes and dishes, and a knowledge of how to integrate the principles of Ayurveda into every dish they cook and create. Join us for this fun, hands-on series as we dive into and explore what it means to cook, eat, and live in harmony with Ayurveda!

We will meet on four Thursdays in August from 6:00-8:00pm in our kitchen here at Agni Ayurveda! We encourage you to come to all four classes to build the full foundation.  However, we also welcome drop-in participation as space permits. Space limited to 10 participants per class. 
Drop in Classes: $50.00


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