Class 6 (discussion): Friday, March 31, 2017: Dinacharya—daily rhythms - Agni Ayurveda

Class 6 (discussion): Friday, March 31, 2017: Dinacharya—daily rhythms and practices

Agni Ayurveda

Dinacharya—daily rhythms and practices. Creating a stable daily routine (what Ayurveda calls dinacharya--literally, mastery of the day), suited for your particular constitution is one of the most potent ways to bring healing and growth to all aspects of your life.  Together we explore some basic self-care practices, and the Ayurvedic principles behind them, to increase vitality, stabilize energy, and help you find deep rest and vital nourishment.

Part of our  Six-Week Series Introduction to Ayurveda where you will:

  • Gain a working vocabulary in the foundations of Ayurveda including: the 3 Doshas(vata, pitta, kapha), the 6 Tastes, the 20 Attributes (gunas)
  • Learn to recognize the 5 elements and how they manifest in body, mind, and actions
  • Make Kitchari and Ghee, staples of Ayurvedic Diet
  • Explore foods for each dosha
  • Begin to align your life with basic concepts of Dinacharya(daily rhythm for health and well being)

Each class taken individually give this series a value of $250. 

All six classes, regular registration (must be paid in full by the first class), $165

Individual (drop in) class: $50

PLEASE CALL TO REGISTER. We are not currently accepting any additional online registrations: 505-438-1163.


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