Foundations in Jyotisha Retreat Registration 2019 - Agni Ayurveda

Foundations in Jyotisha Retreat Registration 2019

Agni Ayurveda

Join us for this inspirational training in the foundational concepts and stories of Jyotisha, the ancient science of Indian Astrology. For 3 weeks, immerse in deep study of this powerful system supported by an authentic Ayurvedic community committed to the preservation of vedic knowledge systems.

Appropriate for complete beginners as well as continuing students, this training will deepen your commitment and understanding of the vedic culture in which Jyotisha emerged and established itself as a pillar of wisdom and guidance.


During this training, you will…

  • Master the fundamental concepts of Jyotisha, preparing you to see the stories in the stars and find meaning in the astrological charts of friends and family
  • Immerse in the legends of the planets, imbibing the spirit of this mystical science along with the analytical components
  • Acquire basic competence in the language of Jyotisha and gain mastery over the basic components of a birth chart
  • Eat delicious vegetarian Ayurvedic meals designed to support a clear, sattvic mind, surrounded by a community committed to authentic vedic teachings
  • Enjoy down time for rest and visits to nearby temples, markets, tourist sites, and shopping destinations.



Foundations In Jyotisha

Dec. 16, 2019 - Jan. 3, 2020 ~ Tamil Nadu, South India


This price includes all lectures, training materials, accommodation, meals at the training center, and ground transportation to and from the airport. It does not include your air travel to Coimbatore, optional tourist site visits, optional meals in town, or optional gratuities to the staff.


When you are ready to register, a non-refundable $500 deposit will save your place. The balance will be due on December 1st.


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