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Dal Makhani Soup & Vegetable Pilaf

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Learn how to make seasonal, fresh and tasty foods that nourish your body.  Ayurveda Chef Aditi Thatte will show you how to prepare nutritious, balanced, healthy and authentic Ayurvedic recipes that are easy to incorporate in your diet.

Dal Makhani Soup

Dal makhani soup is a month Indian creamy mixed lentil soup prepared with ginger, tomatoes along with warming can cooling spices. It's a hearty soup and good for the soul:-)

Vegetable Pilar

Traditional vegetable pilaf made with ground spices and herbs is a great one-pot meal. It is satisfying and easy to prepare.

Beets Raita Relish

Colorful and cooling beets raita relish is made with cooked beets, yogurt sauce and sooting spices. It can brighten up any meal at the table. 

Cardamom Rice Pudding

Need we say more?



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