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Almond Pepper Mirch Masala & Lemon Rice

Agni Ayurveda

Learn how to make seasonal, fresh and tasty foods that nourish your body.  Ayurveda Chef Aditi Thatte will show you how to prepare nutritious, balanced, healthy and authentic Ayurvedic recipes that are easy to incorporate in your diet.


Almond Pepper Mirch Masala

Green pepper curry is made with nutty flavor of almonds, tart tomatoes and aromatic pieces. It is a delicious and tasty side dish.

Lemon Rice Chitranna

Lemon rice is a South Indian festive rice dish prepared with lemon cashews and tempered with spices and jalapeño. It is easy to prepare and delectable.

Cucumber Raita Relish

Cooling cucumber and yogurt raita relish is made with a touch of digestive spices, and is a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. 

Seasonal Chai Tea



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