Ayurveda & The Mind: The Inner Pharmacy of The Breath

Agni Ayurveda

What are the root causes of mental distress and disease? Why do we suffer? Are your moods or mental imbalances compromising your relationships, work, and ability to be present? OR Are you a practitioner looking for alternative tools to offer your students or clients?

If you are searching for answers to anxiety, depression, nervousness and worry, mental clarity, or other mood disorders – join us, find support and discover the pharmacy that lies within!

Delve deep into a 3 day AYURVEDA & HERBALISM intensive on bringing peace, clarity and stillness to the mind.

Explore eastern philosophical concepts of the mind & self-care routines learn vital tools of breath work (pranayama) that will transform your thoughts, moods and deepen your intuition, and discover the world of herbal allies available to cleanse, strengthen and nourish the brain & nervous system. 

MONDAY APRIL 23rd 6-8:30:

Philosophy on Suffering, the Mind, and Self-Care Routines

TUESDAY APRIL 24th 6-8:30:

The inner pharmacy of the breath: aligning prana through therapeutic breath work

WEDNESDAY APRIL 25th 6-8:30:

Herbal Allies, Detox Regimens, and Crafting YOUR Mental Health Routine

*3 sessions* $30/session, $80 for full 3-day sign-up


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